I’m Jamie

I am the CTO for a growing company in Philadelphia. That’s been good fortune for these past few years. This is technically my first time with a startup, and it has, indeed, been more challenging than I had expected. But, in many ways, it has been rewarding.

Prior to this, for over twenty years I was with what was the predominant fleet management company in the US. I built their claims management system and traveled all over the world with it. That company was then devoured by a larger company; I stayed to learn as much as I could about the acquisition process, then I got out at exactly the right time – with the help of a friend.

When I’m not “working”, I’m rebuilding my bathroom, or a gym in my garage, or a new set of stairs, or a new pantry. Or I’m fixing my boiler because – how hard can it be to hook up a new circulator pump, right? I’m handy that way. Maybe I’m just cheap that way. 🙂

Above all that, I’m a father of three, all now out of high-school. I am also a Body Pump instructor, which is to say… I keep it tight.

In all cases, I see my journey to the depths, through which I have accumulated – in many cases mastered – an extensive set of tools and techniques.

The main thing that I’ve learned is that I have have so much to learn.

Ask me anything!