Hi, I’m Jamie

I write about new stuff that I’m learning. It may be tech/work related, but it could be a new perspective, or idea that I’m exploring.

I try to keep things high level.

I’m also not afraid to get a little personal; I think work and life so intertwined that it wouldn’t be possible to talk about one without the other.


2+ years as CTO at EverWash, where I continue to seek new perspectives, and use mine to effect change.

21 Years at The CEI Group, where I built their global claims management system, my family, and myself from the ground up. 21 years! Crazy! Right?

2 Years at French Creek Sheep & Wool, kick starting my career.


On the tech side, I’ve sampled or mastered so many tools and techniques that I can speak to just about anything.

But tech is easy!

I have enjoyed the people part much more. For all it’s pain and frustration, that journey has been so much more rewarding.

Ask me anything!