It could be said that I like to roll my own.

It is said!

I hear them say it.

And It would be fair to say that I have a touch of NIH syndrome, but let me first tell you why that makes me so awesome.

I am tenacious. To the point of no rest. I once missed half of a Christmas vacation because my wife put a Rubik's cube in my stocking. Yeah, I solved it.  And I'm exponentially more intense when solving your challenges.

I am restless.  With the exception of the brief reprieve I allow myself for scotch - I love scotch - I cannot stand to be idle. I have a list of things I want to know, so when I am without a cause to serve, I am still sharpening my ax.

I am curious. I must know how it works - in depth - before I can rely on it. I observe and experiment until I can do it myself, and better. Not always better. Usually! But, even if not, I know exactly how and where to leverage it.

I come out of the depths with a comprehensive understanding of the tools and technologies that you rely on to execute your mission.  With twenty years of experience, that adds up to a comprehensive view of your stack and an unparalleled insight into the challenges you face on the daily. I get to the root of the problem usually before the problem domain has been identified, and I design for problems most don't even imagine.

So while I do prefer that it were invented here, I can guarantee that I've observed the challenge from every perspective, and that I've spent way more time than [they] can imagine making that determination.


Next Steps...

Connect!  Ask me something.  Tell me something.  Sell me something... I'm open.